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August 2012: Summer Art Academy 2012(11)

July 2012: Exploring Works by Matt Miller & Nathan(3)

March 2012: Abstracts from Slinkard & VonBokel(14)

November 2012 MAPC Members Juried Exhibition(20)

September - October Stephen Rust "Exploring Brush (5)

2012 Regional Juried Exhibition(5)

March 2013 Wyman/Wilson(8)

Nick Toebaas Louisville Shows and Workshop(10)

Eighth Congressional District High School Art Comp(11)

April 2013 VAC Three Gallery Show(5)

Eighth Congressional Art Competition(11)

Artwork For Sale(20)

Herb Wickham(3)


November 2013: Justin Henry Miller(4)

2014 Proposed Sculptures(6)

Artist Galleries(141)

28th Annual Eighth Congressional District High Sch(15)

Encaustic Painting Demonstration(18)

August 2014: Summer Art Academy(18)

2nd Annual Members Exhibit(8)

November 2014: Vicki Rueseler Overstreet(10)

Wanakee Pugh(14)

2014 Regional Juried Exhibition(24)

CAPED! 2015(27)

2015 Cape Girardeau Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit(9)

"Wild Things" A 2015 National Juried Exhibition(33)

"Wild Things" - Gallery Shots(10)

July 2015: Ste. Genevieve Art Guild(6)

3rd Annual Members Exhibit(19)

2015 PetFest Kids Art Contest(39)

16 N. Spanish Street(28)

Subliminal: Selected Artwork(33)

"Subliminal: Hidden Messages" - Gallery Pictures(11)

2018 Citizen's Day at the Legislature (18)

Art and Fear: Selected Artwork (34)

Art and Fear: Gallery Images(17)

2019 FAED(11)