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The City of Cape Girardeau Public Art Committee will launch the 6th public outdoor sculpture exhibition on Thursday, April 11, 2019. The location of the exhibition spans the Broadway Corridor, a nine-block span in downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This area is home to locally owned businesses that bring flavor and matchless experiences. Places such as the city hall, the federal courthouse, Southeast Missouri State University, the Marquette Tech District and Media Row are also found in Cape Girardeau’s downtown.

The 2019 Cape Girardeau Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit was juried by Stephanie Sailor, with input from the Public Art Committee, a group that consists of representatives from the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri; Old Town Cape, Inc.; City of Cape Girardeau; Chris Wubbena, professor of Sculpture and Justin Henry Miller, an associate professor of Painting and Exhibitions Coordinator, both at Southeast Missouri State University.

The Public Art Exhibition has been identified as yet another dynamic revitalization strategy to elevate the arts community within the region, as confirmed by the success of the past four years of exhibits. Missouri Main Street Connection has named the exhibit a finalist and semi-finalist for two State Awards in 2015 and 2016. We have also sold a piece that is now on permanent display on Broadway, and in 2017 a piece was donated to the Public Art Committee to provide an opportunity to raise funds to grow public art in Cape!

By hosting the Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit on Broadway, the Committee hopes to achieve two primary goals: increase the number of arts-related activities within the region and provide an additional revitalization strategy for Downtown Cape Girardeau.

Media inquiries about the Public Art Committee or Cape Girardeau Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition on Broadway should be directed to the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri at 573-334-9233 or

2019 Artists

Karl Saliter (Cornwall Bridge, CT) - Particle Wave
Andrew Arvanetes (DeKalb, IL) - Mobile Home
Richard Herzog (Athens, GA) - Dulband Satellite Flower
Dylan Collins (Morgantown, WI) - Mind Started Rambling
Nathan Pierce (Cape Girardeau, MO) - Equity
Marc Moulton (Statesboro, GA) - Swept
Carl Billingsley (Greensboro, NC) - Triangulation Tower
JUROR: Stephanie Sailer

  Stephanie Sailer received her M.F.A. from the University of Kansas, with an emphasis in Sculpture, with a prior M.A. and B.F.A. from the University of Northern Iowa. Upon completion, she worked as an Academic Advisor at the University of Iowa, providing insight into the academic, social, and intellectual development of the college student. She is currently working as an Art Instructor and Advisor at Northern Illinois University and McHenry County College. Sailer is also a past exhibiting artist of the Cape Girardeau Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit for 2016, 2015, and 2014.

Stephanie’s outdoor pieces focus on organic forms derived from an imaginative interpretation of nature. We tend to walk through our day never noticing the small bits of life beneath our feet, tiny and easily forgotten. Her sculptures provide a larger, life-size view of these beautiful, and inherently strange forms. Growing up on a small farm in Iowa greatly influenced her interest in the natural world, spending hours opening seed pods just to glimpse inside. The desire to look within is the impetus for her indoor work as well, utilizing the organic forms to investigate our inner psychology and human experience.

Steel & Painted Steel

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