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Paint Cape Girardeau Plein Air Competition
Over $4,000 in Awards!

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Plein Air refers to the simple act of going outdoors to create a piece of art. Artists have long painted outdoors, but the act of painting in natural light from observation has grown in popularity in recent years. The Arts Council of Southeast Missouri wants to be a part of this growing passion.

Mark your calendar for an opportunity for artists of all talent and experience levels to paint Cape’s fall scenery and  the historical buildings situated along the mighty Mississippi River with its’ bluffs and barges.

This event is open all individuals of all skill levels. Please see the definitions we have applied to each competition category in order to register at your appropriate skill level. Each quick paint and the long paint is open to all three categories. Participants will only be judged against those in their own category for these events. Special Paints are open to Intermediates and Professionals, but only a single overall winner will be chosen. Canvas sizes are at the discretion of the artist.

Acceptable mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, charcoal, pen, and pencil.

Registration Cost $50 or $40 for Art Council members
This category includes individuals who consider themselves experienced artists, have placed in Plein Air events, have taught art, or feel that their experience level places them in a professional standing.

Registration Cost $25 or $20 for Art Council members
This category includes individuals who have not previously placed in a juried Plein Air event, who do not make the majority of their income from painting sales, and who have not taught art.

Registration Cost $10
This category includes individuals who want to participate in our exciting annual event. We welcome all ages in this category, but all individuals under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Zak Barnes Workshop: October 13, 2017

   Zak Barnes, a well-known and multi- award winning Plein Air Painter will be hosting an oil/acrylic workshop on Friday from 1-6 PM. Zak has conducted workshops at Augusta Plein Air Festival and Stems Plein Air. Zak will be conducting a demo and provide direction to artists creating their own individual paintings. Participants must bring their own supplies. Workshop limited to 20 people. Workshop registration cost is $50.00.

Download the Prospectus HERE!

Participating Artists

Helen Towner
Ginger Miller
Yvonne Zaborac
Allen Kriegshauser
Kirsten LaMantia
Cristy Crites
Carrie Little
Lindsey Hunt
Tara Caldwell
Robert Ward
Sarah Cochrane
Robert Hale
Stephen Adams
Katherine Fultz
Larry Siwek
Rhonda Richter
Marty Riley
Tatiana Roberts
Suzanne Gundlach
Jim Serrett
Ellen Hahs
Jane Hale
Patrick Henning
Terry Godwin
Larry DeGraff
Rachel Wichern
Christine Moore
Lynn Robey
Vicki Outman
Jamie Green
Michele Wells
Marty Coulter
Ann Molasky
Susan Rogers
Anita Dickerson
Lisa Joële

Quick Paint Event Winners

Quick Paint 1
Purchase Award: Allen Krieghauser
Intermediate: Sarah Cochrane
Beginner: Jane Hale

Honorable Mentions: Jamie Green, Larry Siwek,
Larry DeGraff, Marty Coulter

Quick Paint 2
Purchase Award: Ann Molasky
Intermediate: Stephen Adams
Beginner: N/A

Honorable Mentions: Michelle Wells and Larry DeGraff

Quick Paint 3
Purchase Award: Marty Coulter
Intermediate: Lindsey Hunt
Beginner: Katherine Fultz

Honorable Mentions: Zak Barnes and Tatiana Roberts 

Long and Special Paint Winners

Special Paint ("McCearley Home")
Sponsored by Jerry and Sandra McCearley

Chosen Winner: Zak Barnes

Long Paint
Purchase Award: Allen Krieghauser
Honorable Mention: Marty Coulter