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If civilization is what separates humankind from the animal kingdom, the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri has invited artists to cross that line and become uncivilized. Artists from across the United States exhibited their works depicting the world's Wild Things.

Exhibition was on display from June 5 - 27, 2015. For more information, visit

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"Pin Man - The Very First Artificial Superintelligence #1." Bin Feng. Digital C-Print.
"Shadow Theater." Becky Jaffe. Digital Photography.
"Buster of Texas." Sarah Kendrick. Colored Pencil.
"Llama Drama." Sarah Kendrick. Watercolor.
"Lord of the Dance {Reddish Egret}." Kris Killman. Watercolor.
"Swarm 2 - Luna Moths." Paula Lincoln. Paper, Colored Pencil.
"Dog of War." Peter Mak. Lithograph.
"Feeding Frenzy in a Koi Pond." Janis McCracken. Watercolor.
"Barn Owl at Home." Vicki Outman. Pastel.
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