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Caroline Thompson
Primary Medium: Oil/Acrylic
Lessons/Workshops: I've taught classes/workshops with emphasis on abstract and impressionism in Boulder, CO; Franklin, TN; and Cape Girardeau for the past several years. In the late 90's and early 2000's I took selective series of workshops from teachers who could feed my creativity. I was open to expression and worked long hours in my studio to improve my craft. I still do. I tried several styles before settling into the work I do today, and that work has recently drifted to cubism which enriches my impressionis
Favorite Art Subject: Nonsubjective
Artwork Available: Arts Council
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Notes: Gallery representation:
Ellen Kathryn Gallery, Boulder, CO (one year)
Edward Bernard Gallery, Cape Girardeau (six years while living in
Boulder, CO before moving to Cape Girardeau)
Caroline Thompson Studio and Gallery, opened in May 2019
Visual Arts Gallery Co-op Gallery, Cape Girardeau, joined 2017

color and design intuitive 
desires balance, imbalance and texture
wants to tell a story, or find a story inside the work when completed
desires to discover something new
naturally observant to surroundings
learn from others
study their work 
don't hesitate, but if so, be careful
look deep into the heart of the work
listen to 1/2 the critical voice and 1/2 the positive voice
never give up