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Larry Braun
Primary Medium: Digital Photography
Favorite Art Subject: Historic structures
Artwork Available: Arts Council
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I am a retired chemist.  l have lived in Benton Missouri for the last 25  years. I have found that hiking the many scenic trails in our area is a win/win for my mind and for my body.  I enjoy the physical exercise I get when hiking... but I also experience a mental and spiritual enrichment when I hike. 

In 2014 after I retired from the New Madrid Power Plant I applied for and was accepted to the Visual Arts Cooperative.  At the same time I along with my wife Darcy joined the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri.  

I would say I am a good example of continuing education.  It seems that I have been a student of something for most of my life.  After a 4 year tour in the Navy, I attended Southeast Missouri State University and received a BS in chemistry.  In 1999 I took advantage of an off campus MBA program offered by William Woods University graduating in 2001.  After I became interested in photography I took an online professional photography course offered by the New York Institute of Photography, and received a certificate from them in 2010.  

I would classify myself as a digital artist.  Although I take photos I consider this a starting point.  I am always asking myself where can I take this image. I have rather large curiosity appetite.  I am always curious about where I can take an image.  Its the curiosity that triggers the play response.  There are always lots of forks in this road, and exploring the different possibilities is what makes my art interesting and fun.  Sometimes I will just look at an image and let it ferment for a few days before I do any processing.  When it feels right is when I begin processing.  

I am also a craftsman.  I take photos of historic building, landscape, and landmarks etc. and put them on birdhouses.  I end up with a miniature 3D replica of the original structure.  This is a perfect example of how my curiosity and willingness to explore led me to make unique and interesting.  

My artist statement has been fluid since I started writing one in 2010.  My art is always flowing in several creative venues.  Recently I started taken an interest in the historic buildings in our area and by combining my photographic images of historic buildings with a variety of artistic textures I develop a unique presentation of the structure influenced by my creative expression.  My final image is a combination of the architecture of the building and an expression of an intangible mood that is brought out from studying the history behind the building.

My most notable achievement to date was my idea to put photos of structures on a birdhouse.  In six months I have sold more birdhouses than the total of all prints I have sold since I started trying to sell my art back in 2010.  It is a unique idea that has gained acceptance in most of the markets I have put them in.