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Brian Alworth
Primary Medium: Photography
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Artwork Available: Arts Council
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"It’s always difficult, I suspect, for an artist of any sort to turn the camera around and figure out what is going on.   Photography for me has always been about seeing things that perhaps others don’t see.   I'm the guy that will wander away from the crowd.  I had an art expert study my photography once, and he decided that my images are often beautiful but lonely.  Rarely any people.  I can’t explain this completely other than to say that I had enough painful experiences in social situations that I became a bit of a loner even as a child, and to this day still often prefer only the company of nature. If there is a sign of human activity, it is something that happened long ago.  You may think you hear a laugh or whisper, but it's probably just the wind.  In any event, I tend to see the world at a bit of a distance, as if from behind a sort of virtual lens.  Perhaps this is an advantage when it comes to spotting moments of quiet beauty, whether patterns of light on the wall of a narrow slot canyon or late afternoon sun through a stand of aspen in September."