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Healing Tale
Rusted Metal & Paint
6' x 3' x 4'


Currently, Stephanie is an Academic Advisor at the University of Iowa. She graduated in 2008 from the University of Kansas with her MFA in sculpture and preceded this study by attending the University of Northern Iowa for her BFA in painting and photography. Regardless of the medium she uses, there is a strong interest in organic forms derived from an imaginative interpretation of nature. Her attention is currently focused on natural forms such as seed pods, so small in size and easily forgotten in the dirt, but are a fundamental step for beginning life. Growing up on a small farm in Iowa greatly influenced her interest in these forms. Watching life grow from something the size of a speck was fascinating and humbling.

Steel & Painted Steel
8' x 4' x 3'

Located between Fountain & Lorimier Streets

Stephanie Sailer | Nature's Quintet

 Nature's Quintet
Stainless Steel & Painted Steel
9' x 4' x 4'