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~convo, creativity, & vino~   
"Convivial: Convo, Creativity, and Vino" is designed to be a collaborative café-style experience for artists, thinkers, and innovators in the area. As the café has always proven itself to be a space for critical thought and open discussion, Convivial will provide a fertile ground for new seeds of thought and experiment to be sewn. Convivial, in collaboration with Malcolm McCrae and The Pollination Station, opens the doors of the Arts Council as a creative and collaborative Maker's Space and will feature wine, light fare, and coffee generously provided by Gabriel's Food and Wine and STÄ€ cafe. Convivial will feature a forum-style platform for discussion, speakers and demonstrations, thematic challenges, and opportunities to participate in the interdisciplinary arts. In addition, Convivial will also explore metacognitive subjects like abstraction, conceptual thought, divergent thought, and group cognition. LAST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH. (Begins 10/29, 6 PM.)