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Art for the Health of It provides a way to utilize art as a calming agent in a stress-laden environment, while demonstrating the health and healing benefits of artistic images and expression. The 2016 exhibit will be displayed in the Corridor between Elevators A and C at Southeast Hospital. Scroll down to see the winning artwork, read the Juror's Statement, and see a list of all participating artists.

Exhibition Dates: June 26 - August 24, 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday, June 26 at 2:00 pm

at Southeast Hospital Meeting Room by Elevator C


Beloved regional artist, Linda Buis, presently resides on a farm nestled in the rolling hills of Perry County, Missouri. She was the 2011 recipient of the Arts Council’s prestigious Otto F. Dingeldein Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts and is a current member of the Visual Arts Cooperative based in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

As an artist, Linda's oil paintings depict landscapes, bird life and nature’s vignettes in everyday scenes as they are today and as they were yesterday. Within the detailed blending of reality and the imaginary, the creations reflect an image of nature’s beauty.

In addition to her everyday studio work, Linda is actively involved in the family's 
farm. She, along with her husband, Ed and son, Caleb, raise Mammoth Jackstock. Along with a love of art and her farm she is a passionate collector of rocks and fossils from her travels.

Her prior jurying experience includes shows in Illinois and Indiana, as well as the High School Congressional Juried Exhibit and the Visual Arts Cooperative.

You can see examples of Linda's artwork in her Artist Gallery here>


“Banyan Tree: Shadows” by Dave Carter
Sponsored by: SoutheastHEALTH


“Solitary Egret Reflected” by P.S. Dooley
Sponsored by:
Cape Girardeau County Area Medical Society Alliance

“Visions of Such That Dreams Are Made Of” by Vicki Outman
Sponsored by:
Cape Girardeau County Area Medical Society Alliance

“Water Study” by Marty Riley
Sponsored by: Cape Girardeau Area Medical Society

“Cumulus” by Diane Shaw
Sponsored by: Cape Girardeau Area Medical Society

“Grape Harbor Lamp – Glenn House” by Helen Towner

The focus of this particular exhibit is symbiotic with my personal philosophies regarding the positive effects of art on man. A patron reflecting on a piece by simply stating “this painting speaks to me” or “it takes me to a better place” utilizes the effects of an artist’s creativity in an entirely new dimension. Such introspective thoughts allow a viewer to journey through stressful situations, or sometimes, a difficult day at work. Art can help to direct feelings and emotions in a more positive, healing manner.

The great range of mediums and styles entered in this competition presented a broad array from which to choose. Whether the viewers might want to interject themselves within a peaceful landscape or lose themselves among the intricate designs and captivating palette of an abstract; the multiple options provide many opportunities to pique one’s interest. Hopefully, a stroll down this hall will provide a peaceful and calm interlude while caring for family, friends, and patients within a most stressful environment.

To conclude, I sincerely hope each of you are able to set aside a few moments to refresh your spirits and your souls as you go through your busy day by finding just the right escape to “a better place.”


 Helen Bibby
Angie Coonts
Tom Neumeyer
Kelly Scarfe
 Janet G. Bixler
 Roxanna Cummings
 Vicki Outman
 Brenda S. Seyer
 Dave Carter
 P.S. Dooley
 Mack Ramsey
 Diane Shaw
 Sarah Cochrane
 Jeffry Hawk
 Marty Riley
 Helen Towner
 Liz Coffey
 Jamie Leming
 Olga Riney