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The 2017 Art Academy Summer Art Workshops, sponsored by the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri and Southeast Missouri State University, are fun, engaging and creative learning experiences in a wide variety of media for ages six through adult.

For additional Art Academy information and registration forms please go to:


The Summer Art Academy exhibition will take place at the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri, located at 16 North Spanish Street, during the month of August. An Opening Reception will be held on August 4th from 5:00 - 9:00 pm during First Friday with the Arts.

All the workshops are held in the Southeast Missouri State University Art Studios under the guidance of experienced and highly qualified master art instructors and art professors. Each instructor will have a Southeast Art Education student assistant. All classes are limited to 15 students. The Young Potter and Children’s Ceramic student work will be on exhibit for pick up at the Ceramics Studio, 835 Broadway (behind Howard’s Sporting Goods) on Friday, Aug. 4, 2016 from 5-8 p.m. Student work (other than Children’s Ceramics and Young Potters) will be on exhibit at the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri through the month of August. Opening Reception will be held Aug. 4, 2016 from 5-9 p.m. Students may pick up their artwork following the exhibit between Sept. 1-16, 2017.

Graduate Credit
The University’s Art Academy is once again offering graduate credit this summer. Please note, this is the last summer the Art Academy graduate credit will be offered at a reduced rate. You may sign up for the Art Academy workshops through the online registration site at One hour graduate credit is $100, two hour credit is $150, and three hour credit is $200. The Art Academy workshops are $70 including supplies. To receive graduate credit for the workshops, please contact Carol Horst, Art Education Instructor, or Dr. Gause, Chair of the Educational Leadership Department, for more information by mid-May.

Art Workshops for Ages 6 – 9 ($110.00 per student per class type)

Sketching for Fun
Students will create drawings of objects, people, and nature in their unique styles to create fun works of art. Instructed by Brenda Seyer.
June 5-9, 9 am-Noon/ River Campus- Room 101

Children’s Ceramics
Students will make animals, masks, and simple pottery with terra cotta and low fire glazes. Instructed by Benjie Heu.
June 12- 16, 9 am-Noon/ Ceramic Studio- 835 Broadway (Behind Howards)

Creator Space
Experiment and create with a variety of materials in this open ended art experience.
June 19 -23, 9 am-Noon/ River Campus- Room 101

Art to Wear
Students will enjoy creating paintings, collages, and sculptures that are transformed into wearable pieces such as crowns, masks, and vests! Instructed by Meg Daniels.
June 26-30, 9 am-Noon/ River Campus- Room 101

Painting and More!
Students will have fun using their imagination and creativity painting, printing, and sculpting ideas about the natural world while developing new artistic skills. Instructed by Nikki Heuring.
July 10-14, 9 am-Noon/ River Campus- Room 101

Animals and Art
Be inspired by art history and create animals in clay, paint, prints, and pastels that capture your personality. Instructed by Tina Sample.
July 17-21, 9 am-Noon /River Campus- Room 101

Art Connection

Explore how science, technology, and engineering, art and math work together while creating with paint, clay, charcoal and more. Instructed by Carrie Evans.
July 24-28, 9am-Noon/ River Campus- Room 101

Art Workshops for Ages 10 – 15 ($110 per student per class type)


Students will develop and explore drawing techniques in proportion, perspective, and value using a wide range of materials. The theme of nature will inspire creative expression. Instructed by Brenda Seyer.
June 5-9 1-4 pm/River Campus- Room 101

Young Potters
Students will learn to operate a potter’s wheel to make functional pottery including bowls and cups, as well as explore hand building with clay. Instructed by Benjie Heu.
June 12-16, 1-4 pm/Ceramic Studio- 835 Broadway (Behind Howards)

Steam Creations
Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and math go hand in hand. Use science, design, thinking and mathematical principles to make amazing artworks! Instructed by Andrea Schneider.
June 19-23, 1-4 pm/ River Campus- Room 101

Experiment, explore and create sculptural forms using clay, wire, paper mache and more. Instructed by Julie Brandmeyer Kinnaman.
June 26-30, 1-4 pm/ River Campus- Room 101

Painting and Mixed Media
Students will learn to paint using acrylic, ink, watercolor, and tempera while experimenting with multilayered materials and painting techniques inspired by art history. Instructed by Nikki Heuring.
July 10-14, 1-4 pm/ River Campus- Room 101

Art Workshops for Ages 16 to Adult ($80 per person per class type)

Found object constructions- free standing or for your wall. Bring items to personalize (boxes, postcards, rusty stuff). Supplies provided include various glues, finishing paint, eye hooks, nails, wood, bottle, and lots of junk!
Instructed by Caroline Kahler.
June 7 & 8, 6-9:3 pm / River Campus- Room 034

Operate a potters wheel to make pottery, including bowls and cups, along with exploring hand building with clay.
Instructed by Benjie Heu.
June 12-15, 6-9:30pm /Ceramic Studio- 835 Broadway (Behind Howards)

Portrait Oil Painting
Students will mix and manipulate specific colors to create an alla prima self portrait painting. Students should bring a color photo of themselves with a detailed facial image that is at least 4” square. Instructed by Josh Newth.
June 20 & 21, 6:30-9:30 pm /River Campus- Room 047

Street Art and the Creative Spirit
Students will focus of the tradition of modern street art, examine color and composition, develop personal symbolism and text elements, and investigate the stenciling process. Instructed by Emily Booth.
June 27-29, 6:30-9:30 pm /River Campus- Room 039

Leather Jewelry
Create unique leather jewelry, earrings, pendants and more to wear and share! Instructed by Caroline Kahler.
July 12 & 13,  6- 9:30 pm /River Campus- Room 034

Coptic Stitch Book
Tear the paper, shape the book, bring a design or drawing and incorporate it into the metal repousse.
Instructed by Caroline Kahler.
July 19 & 20, 6-9:30pm /River Campus- Room 034

Block Printing on Fabric
Carve linoleum and print your own patterns on fabric! Instructed by Hannah Sanders.
July 25 & 27, 3-6 pm /River Campus- Room 035