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Art for the Health of It provides a way to utilize art as a calming agent in a stress-laden environment, while demonstrating the health and healing benefits of artistic images and expression. The 2017 exhibit was displayed in the Corridor between Elevators A and C at Southeast Hospital. Scroll down to see the winning artwork, read the Juror's Statement, and see a list of all participating artists.

Exhibition Dates:  July 2 - Aug 24
Opening Reception: Sunday, July 2 at 2:00 pm
at Southeast Hospital Meeting Room by Elevator C


Laura Schumpert is an award winning fine art photographer based in Cape Girardeau, MO. Specializing in surrealism Laura’s artwork is exhibited in galleries nationwide and recognized with multiple awards. Using a square format and painterly techniques her photographs are designed to remove you from reality and reflect the innermost emotions of life.

Laura is active in the photography industry with public speaking and education, operating a full time studio, writer/illustrator and film productions. Laura continues her career internationally and locally in Cape Girardeau, MO

You can view her work here:


"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” – Pablo Picasso.

"The focus of this show is one that I would think speaks to every artist. Art is created for a variety of reasons and is specialized to each and every piece an artist completes. Some create for beauty, others for relaxation. I personally use art to channel the “dust” of life into the work instead of lingering with myself.  No matter the reason you create, there is healing to be found in ever color, composition, and piece leading to the great duality art provides as there are two distinct viewpoints: the artist and the viewer . . .  

. . . When reviewing submissions for this show, I thought of all involved. How an artist evoked an emotional response into their work, and also how a spectator could feel when viewing. Each piece of work so different from the next, just as unique as their creators. From painterly landscapes to imaginative world an artist contrives: this show provides immense depth."



Pearls on A Vase by Robert Wessel
Sponsored by: SoutheastHEALTH 


Bearer of Hope Gingko by Linda Buis
Sponsored by: Cape Girardeau County Area Medical Society Alliance 
 Glorified by Dave Carter
Sponsored by: Cape Girardeau County Area Medical Society Alliance
     Parakeet Row by Sarah Cochrane
   Sponsored by: Cape Girardeau Area Medical Society

Into the Mist by Tom Neumeyer
Sponsored by: Cape Girardeau Area Medical Society 

Exhibiting Artists      
Janet Bixler

Aaron Horrell

 Logan Ressel

 Linda Buis

 Robert Ressel

 Tara Caldwell

 Monica Foltz

 Dave Carter

 Jerre Ann Hall

 Peggy Parsley

 Sarah Cochrane  Jeffry Lynne Hawk
 Mack Ramsey
 Helen Towner